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"I can't run my business without this!"

"Now I'm confident I'm investing in the right neighborhood."

"The only online mapper for Multifamily investors on the planet!"

Let our Customers do the Talking

“Recently I was underwriting a property I’d assumed was a C . When I typed the address in REIndicator I saw it sat on the wrong side of the highway, in what was actually a D neighborhood.

In this strong sellers market we’ve got right now we cant afford to get into any D properties. This lets me weed out prospects that don’t meet our criteria. 

I’m impressed with how this tool keeps expanding capabilities. I have to keep up with the updates, because it can do so more than I thought! I can’t run my business without this!”

Mark & Debbi Engelman

“There’s so much research that go into deciding which markets we want to go into- collecting and verifying data plus expensive market visits.

Until REIndicator- this online tool takes all of the work out of it.

REIndicator can tell you which US markets are emerging RIGHT NOW. Not only are you confident you’re in the right city, but you also the right neighborhood. And it does it instantly!

REIndicator is a big shortcut. I  can go after more and more deals, instead of having to do more and more research.”

David Lindhal

Commercial Real Estate Educator, Owner of 10,000+ multifamily units

“We just came back from touring in a new market and it was amazing. This software lets you map the city in patterns of C, B, A neighborhoods. As we drove around we found it is really accurate. We drove into a D neighborhood and checked — it was D.

This saves us a lot of time when investing away from where we live. We can tell right away if a property is in an area we want to invest in.

What I especially like is this helps me see the the patterns of the Paths of Progress and how they lay out on the map.”

Tenna & Leslie